USANNEX is a game-changer for property and facility maintenance.  Backed by over 45 years’ industry experience and property development expertise, we help businesses make educated decisions when purchasing maintenance and industrial products, tooling, and safety equipment.


Property and facility maintenance can be a time-consuming, expensive, and difficult task—USANNEX maintenance and industrial products raise the bar in application versatility, durability, quality and convenience


Products include: epoxy coatings, urethane coatingsconcrete sealer, anti-fatigue matting, hard metal drillspatching systems, pipe repair, cleaners & degreasers, and concrete sealers, including SC-7300 Direct to Tile, the only water-based, non-yellowing polyaspartic polyurethane sealer on the market.


When it comes to facility maintenance, you need a few super versatile, user-friendly, high-quality products that deliver the same results you’d expect from an expert service. We formulate professional-grade industrial products and offer them straight to companies like yours, packaged in the most user-friendly way possible so you can do the job yourself—no professionals needed!


Since we make most of these products ourselves, we know how they work. We know how they should be used, and we want to make sure that you—the do-it-yourself wizard that you are—have the resources you need to create professional-level work without professional-level costs.


Contact us and ask about our factory trained flooring installations for your larger projects!

super concentrated cleaner and degreaser
water-based coating on vct tile
tap and drill set coarse
epoxy floor patch

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